Ever since industrialization began, we have slowly lost the craftsmanship of handmade products. The comfort and security brought by products made from machines overpowered the unique and much more creative nature of handmade products. However, there are still some people out there who appreciate the art and craftsmanship of handmade products like jewelry, but not a lot of people know about it. Many people have developed a bias against handmade jewelry just because children make it in their crafts period. 

The prejudice around handmade jewelry is almost to the point of a stigma. Many people do not understand the variety and diversity they can find through the medium and only focus on theimage of handmade jewelry. Listed below are some common misconceptions that people have about handmade jewelry:

Handmade Jewelry is Cheap  

Many people think handmade jewelry is made up of cheap metals and plastic beads, because of the tiny kits that they saw girls play with when they were little kids. This idea cannot be far from the truth because handmade jewelry can be made from the same stuff that other jewelry is made from. People keep forgetting that the art of creating jewelry came before the machines and the industry.

Handmade Jewelry Breaks Easy

Another misconception that has developed due to experiences that a few people had is that handmade jewelry is not built with strong materials. You can have handmade jewelry that is just as sturdy as any other out there if you search at the right place. You can find a large variety when you go looking for handmade jewelry. You have to pay attention to the material that was used and the cost.

Only Gypsies Wear Handmade Jewelry

When some people think of handmade jewelry, they envision the stereotypical gypsy that we have all seen in movies and cartoons. This image has nothing to do with the actual jewelry that true artisans are creating out there.

Anyone Can Make Handmade Jewelry

Creating handmade jewelry is much more than just running a bead through some beds. It involves a lot of studying and practice to create the tasteful pieces. These people are professionals who have trained themselves inshaping metals and planting precious stones between them.

Handmade Jewelry is Not Elegant

Some people believe that handmade jewelry does not look that finished, but that's the beauty of it. The raw finish of handmade jewelry is what makes it different from what machines create. You can find handmade jewelry for any occasion and in many styles. You can find the big bulky kind that's unique and catches the eye if you want some extra attention. You can also find creative but elegant pieces that are fit for a wedding.

Final Thoughts

Handmade jewelry is not always cheap or made of fake materials. You can find it in numerous price ranges and for various occasions. You can even have them customized if you are looking for something more personal. Looking for or ordering personalized handmade jewelry can create a much more romantic gesture than that from a piece that you select at a regular jewelry store.