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Improving Lives with Gemstones

Self-Taught Jewelry Maker Designs Handmade Line to Encourage Positive Thinking

By Alicia McCarthy


Kristel Wang began creating jewelry for her friends and family by making meditation bracelets when her eldest brother passed away suddenly. Wang grew up in the Buddhism religion, and has found med- itation to be a wonderful practice. In 2014, one of her girlfriends opened up a gi shop in Fair eld, California, and she asked her to make jewelry for her store. Without hesitation, she agreed, and they sell her jewelry there to this day.

Prior to designing her jewelry line, Wang was self-employed, along with her husband. e entrepreneurial duo have been small business owners since 1998. A self-taught jewelry maker, Wang uses natural gemstones to encourage positive thinking and a calm life balance, and nds her handmade jewelry busi- ness to be a creative and relaxing outlet.

“ The amazing thing about being creative is that you have the quality or the power of creating, being imaginative and expressing originality,” Wang shares. “Creativity can take you away from reality, and it’s a rush of excite- ment seeing your ideas come to life.”

Wang wishes to refrain from mass produc- ing her jewelry and accessories, so every piece remains unique and one of a kind. Her compre- hensive line of jewelry features locally selected gemstones, healing crystals, semi-gemstones, gold- lled and sterling silver materials. Cre- ations by Kristel pieces are a beautiful mix of bold colors and subtle dainty designs that are perfect for special occasions or everyday wear.

Wang’s favorite thing about working from home is the exibility; she considers it perfect for being a mother of 3 children and a wife. “You don’t have to meet any deadlines,” she says. “You complete things at your own pace.” By managing work and home life, she has a set routine. “I do my designing and prioritize my tasks between laundry, dinner, and clean- ing the house, and determine when they need to be done.” She also tries to t in designing before bedtime.

Creations by Kristel is promoted through Instagram, Facebook and word of mouth. Wang’s main customers are from 25-65 years of age (most are working-class peo- ple and mothers). e mompreneur still helps her husband run his restaurant busi- ness while managing her handmade jewel- ry business at the same time. e designer looks forward to expanding her line and increasing its exposure in the future. Visit 



IMPLEMENTATION by Corine Sandifier

During this time of the year we do a lot of celebrating. Once Christmas hits we start winding down the year. Many of us start evaluating our year so I thought I would give you a little exercise to help you celebrate YOU.  It's time to celebrate all that you have accomplished this year. What achievements will you celebrate this year? A*chieve*ment:  a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage of skill. Ah Yes! I love this definition.

I also thought it interesting that the word implementation was in the definition of achievement. This goes to show you that I think we under-estimate ourselves and what we have accomplished throughout the year. We forget that we put our hand to the plow and worked hard. We also forget to count those things that come easily to us as accomplishments. We often think that something has to be hard for us to count it as a victory. Not true, add it.

Let's pretend we are sitting across from each other. We have nice, clean paper and a new ball point pen in hand. Or the millennial version is that we are sitting across from each other with our Macs in upright attention across from each other. You have a clean screen on notes, google docs or pages opened. Now answer these questions.

What were your three biggest achievements this year?


What have you achieved that surprised you?


What are you most proud of?


What steps have you made towards a larger goal, that should be acknowledged?


How will you do to celebrate/recognized/acknowledge your achievements this year?


Who do you need to thank? Who will you celebrate with? Who has been part of this journey?


By doing this exercise we reconnect to things where we've had an impact. We also reinforce our work and our efforts. Celebrate you, and what you've done this year, and get ready to fill the next year with more great things.


Corine Sandifer is CEO of Brentwood Life Coach. If you would like to set some goals that you can sustain and that will give you traction throughout the year, please contact Corine for a free consultation. You can find her at  Corine is also the host of Rising Stories Podcast on iTunes. 



Creations by Kristel Goes to the Stars

In September 2016, Creations by Kristel had several handmade jewelry designs on display at GBK's luxury gifting suite honoring TV's brightest stars and celebrities via The Artisan Group! Check out a few of the celebrities that visited the exhibit and tried on Creations by Kristel jewelry.



Support Each Other Rather Than Being Competitive with Each Other

Support Each Other Rather Than Being Competitive with Each Other

Competition, rivalry, struggle, success and failure! These are some of the words that can have positive as well as negative connotations to people and it depends upon them how they actually want them to be. Do you know one person’s success is sometimes the failure of another person living somewhere in the community? This has become the norm of the society and we are also happily accepting that, which simply means that we are getting only the negative connotations for such words. On the other hand, the need actually here is to support that other person in this time of distress rather than pushing them at the low level of the society where he or she can get lost for the rest of their lives.

The Questions We Should Ask Ourselves When We Get Super Competitive

Sometimes, we all just get carried away by the success and we try so hard just to beat that one person or a group of people we don’t like. If you’re getting success at life or you are born in a superior section of the community where you have all the perks and privileges. Actually, this is not your achievement to be born in that community and it is the nature that actually decided what’s best for you and you have to use your opportunities and resources to support one another rather than getting in competition with others and wants to win at any cost. Here are a few questions that we should be asking before we get too involved in this useless competing feature:

  • Does my competing strategy is hurting anyone’s ego or his/her capacity to play fair or unfair?
  • Is my competition bringing more harm to others rather than good in the societal mentality?
  • Am I encouraging the other candidates to compete fairly or Am I giving the super egoistic vibe that can hurt the sentiments of others and can bring negative connotations to the competition?

If your answers are YES to all of them, you have sufficient reasons to worry about your competition strategy as your competition is bring more harm than good in the society.

The Material Race and Growing Competition

Let me ask you the basic question. What is this competition all about? Yes, whether you admit it or not, this is about a material race that is bring more competition or should I say negative sort of competition in our societies.

Let’s face the bitter reality of today’s competitive mentality. We want everything for ourselves but we don’t want the same for everyone else. This is where our race for material things actually hurt our society. Competition should bring progress in the society but today’s growing competition is just becoming the unending race for materialism and our lust to get these things at any cost.

How This Competition is actually hurting us inside?

If, somehow luckily, you end up being successful in every game of your life, you just cannot understand as to how this competition and eventually failure hurts a man. It actually creates negative emotions for others who somehow got success against you. It actually makes you feel inferior and underprivileged than that of others in the society, which is the worst feeling ever for a human being. So here if you still want to be competitive with people, this competition is not healthy and progressive for anyone, even not for you as it is making you feel superior and bigger than that of others who just to you no matter how big or small the competition it was. Rather, if we start supporting each other than staying in competition with each other all time, we can bring more happiness and positivity in our society.

Analyzing the Mentality of a Person Who Fails in Life

Let’s also analyze a person and his or her reactions when he or she faces failures in life. The person who fails is slowly becoming unacceptable for the society. However, we must need to understand that sometimes in life, failures become inevitable for you. You just cannot deny this fact. Let me tell my own example when I had to face the failures which I never imagined that I am going to face in future. I had big hopes and dreams for life but suddenly these wishes just cannot be made true anymore and I will have to live with it. That idea I was convinced that I am simply going to live a mediocre life due to all my failures.

But now let’s switch the mentality of this stiff and pressuring competition. There are also other life scenarios I have not been told by one then. It is that facing failures in life is totally acceptable. No matter how rich or famous are you, you’re still gonna experience some moments in your life where you’re going to fail no matter how hard you try because it is inevitable. Your exceptional talent, passion, intelligence and hardworking traits cannot simply the change of reality there. There will definitely be some people in life who just won’t admit that they have failed but they too know deep in their hearts that sometimes their determination just cannot change anything here.

How We Can Support Each Other to Bring More Positivity in Our Competitive Nature? 

However, these failures does not really means that you cannot try again to find success in other domains or even in the same domains of life after some time. We hear such stories all the time but it really takes some care and support from others that help the person to fulfill their dreams in life. You can hear this kind of support in the background of successful people such as Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Oprah Winfrey who calm down with the support of their inner world as well as the people in their social circle and eventually achieved what they were meant to achieve in life.

Help Each Other in Distress and Suppress the Element of Competition

No matter how successful you’re, if you cannot support the people in distress, you just call yourself a great person. A great personality always helps and supports others as much as they can. This help can be in terms of mental training to cope up with the failures and mental traumas they are facing in their life or training others practically as to how they can improve themselves and find motivation to stand up and face their failures, and eventually change their life circumstances through constant hard work, determination and persistence. This kind of support and assistance is better than the competition we are bringing to our society at large.

Be Supportive to Each Other Rather than Competing with Them Everyday

Don’t consider it as your volunteer services towards the community. This is actually your moral obligation to support each other at the time of distress rather than always trying to defeat others and making them feeling inferior all the time. Do you want others to do the same for you? No, you won’t. So do what you expect from others to do for you. Help them. Support them and don’t make them feel inferior in any way.